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Protect Your Rights as a Parent with Visitation Rights

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No matter what has happened to your marriage, your kids' upbringing should be a priority for both parents. The Law Offices of Robert Montgomery can help you establish reasonable custody and visitation rights with your former spouse.

As your child custody lawyer, attorney Montgomery will work with your family to come to an agreement that suits all parties. Then, he can file the appropriate paperwork with the courts to enforce the agreement.

Depend on an experienced attorney in Portland, ME when you need legal assistance with custody and visitation rights. Talk to us now to learn more about how we can help.

Determining child custody and parental rights

Every family situation is different, so every family must come to a child care agreement that fits their situation. A few factors that are considered when determining custody and visitation rights include:

  • Financial ability to properly care for the children
  • Physical location where each parent resides
  • Criminal history of each parent

A child custody lawyer can work with you and your family for the betterment of your children. Choose the Law Offices of Robert Montgomery to assist you in your time of need.